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You can read about the Whalesong Cruises team and what makes each and every one of us tick. We all come from different backgrounds and have ended up here. Our passion for the outdoors, nature and wildlife are the things we have most in common.

You can also explore the boat by using our virtual tour. There are multiple levels and plenty of indoor as well as outdoor and covered space on the boat.

Ecotourism is something we're very passionate about at Whalesong Cruises. We are striving to achieve carbon neutrality as much as possible. We'll get there but it's a long journey. Our ecotourism section will show you what we're doing.

Hervey Bay and Fraser Island (in general) are home to stunning scenery and a wide range of activities. Whether you're a family with young (or older) kids, a couple or travelling solo, there's plenty to do in our stunning region.


About Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay () is a city on the coast of the Fraser Coast Region of Queensland, Australia. The city is situated approximately 290 kilometres (180 mi) or 3½ hours' highway drive north of the state capital, Brisbane. It is located on the bay of the same name open to the Coral Sea between the Queensland mainland and nearby K'gari (also known as Fraser Island). The local economy relies on tourism which is based primarily around whale watching in Platypus Bay to the north, ferry access to K'gari, accessible recreational fishing and boating and the natural north facing, calm beaches with wide undeveloped foreshore zones. In October 2019, Hervey Bay was named the First Whale Heritage Site in the world by the World Cetacean Alliance, for its commitment to and practices of sustainable whale and dolphin watching.

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