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Pittman Physical Therapy LLC


9087 Poplar Ave #103
Germantown Tennessee 38138
United States


(901) 627-3280

Pittman Physical Therapy opened a second location in Germantown in 2021. Our physical therapists are experts in treating a wide range of conditions with physical therapy, manual therapies, dry needling and laser therapy. Our Germantown, TN, physical therapist is compassionate and caring. He is ambitious to help our patients achieve their highest level performance with the least amount of discomfort. Troy is happy to help you with whatever you are struggling with. He will not only work hard to find the cause of your pain and provide quality treatment, but will also use his skills to prevent future injuries.


About Germantown

Germantown is a city in Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. The population was 41,333 at the 2020 census. Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, bordering it to the east-southeast. Germantown was founded in 1841 by mostly German emigrants. The town hosts Festivals year round to celebrate their history and German Culture.

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