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Ottawa Hood Cleaning


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Services for cleaning commercial and industrial hood exhaust systems are provided by Ottawa Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in the city of Ottawa and the surrounding locations.

Our comprehensive exhaust cleaning, pressure washing, and degreasing services, together with our kitchen exhaust cleaning solutions, guarantee that your cooking space is always kept in a sanitary and risk-free environment. Our cleaning professionals have the necessary skills and commercial equipment to safely clean your restaurant's hoods while reducing maintenance time. If necessary, we will provide inspection certificates to your insurance provider.

A properly maintained restaurant kitchen exhaust system means operating within NFPA 96 compliance and also working within a safer environment. Our customers include restaurants, long-term homes, hospitals and cafeterias. We also serve hotels, jails, events centers, and other industrial facilities.

Ottawa Hood Cleaning offers a free written estimate for hood cleaning. Let the professionals handle this.


About Ottawa

Ottawa ( , ; Canadian French: [ɔtawɑ]) is the capital city of Canada. It is located in the southern portion of the province of Ontario, at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Rideau River. Ottawa borders Gatineau, Quebec, and forms the core of the Ottawa–Gatineau census metropolitan area (CMA) and the National Capital Region (NCR). As of 2021, Ottawa had a city population of 1,017,449 and a metropolitan population of 1,488,307, making it the fourth-largest city and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. Ottawa is the political centre of Canada and the headquarters of the federal government.



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